Collection: 3D Printed Items

We can print a lot of different items and options will be updated as we continually print and test products. There are lots of customizable options*, such as color and size.  We are happy to work with you on requests if you have something you would like printed.  We will need an STL** file to support your print request*. 

Please provide your preferred email address in the notes of your order.  We will need to confirm all printing choices prior to beginning your order, so please look for an email from us.  If you have a custom job you would like us to try and print, or a color preference that is not offered, please reach out to us at 


These are novelty toys and trinkets only.  We have fun with 3D prints and they are designed for entertainment purposes only.  They are not intended for play or mechanical function.  The smaller the 3D print, the more delicate they can be and may break.  Super glue is a great way to fix broken pieces.  Any and all likeness of printed items are owned by the respective brands. We are offering this as a service for hobbyists.  Purchase is for printing service, materials and print time to provide a fun way to add to your personal collection and not intended for resale.

* Our services are limited to minor adjustments to saved STL files and printing only.  We do not offer design customizations or builds at this time.

** There are lot of sites out there that offer free STL files that can be printed.  We are happy to consult on a print request prior to deciding on feasibility and cost.

! Products marked with a '!' sign means there are either glued on parts or will be sent with some assembly required.  Please email with any questions on these items prior to purchase.

Colors are general and sizes may vary slightly.  Size directly impacts both the print time and complexity (opportunity for error).  All Items are printed with PLA filament only.  Some ghosting and line ridges may be visible in the finished product.

As always, ask question prior to ordering.  Orders will be processed as close to requirements as possible.

Size / Time Chart

Small ~2 inches and under, ~1 hour print time

Medium ~2-5 inches, ~3-6 hour print time

Large ~5-8 inches, ~8-10 hour print time

Something that you are interested insold out? Have a request for something not currently offered? Visit the Contact Us page and let us know.