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Use this to help find answers to common questions. Don't see something? Just ask and we will provide.

Why did we open a store?

Because I'm Batman.

What is your store all about?

We started this store as a way to help bring our enjoyment of Lego, Star Wars, Pokémon, and our passion for hobbies to others. Read more in the About Us page. It is also a family educational instrument to help show enjoyment in a 'job' and provide a positive channel for our kids to see how business and money can work.

Why do you offer the products you do and not others?

The products in our store currently come from our personal collection and are items/themes/genres we enjoy and have an interest in as a family.

Do we collect or just sell?

Yes, we collect and/or play everything we sell. We started with Lego and moved on to Pokémon when Pokémon Go started. We collect as well as build. We play all sorts of card and board games with friends and families, and love putting together puzzles at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have also built many structures in Minecraft and have a shared family world that is still played today.

What are our favorite Pokémon?

We live Umbreon and Ninetales, among others. But Dewpider and Onix are right up there too!

Who are our favorites in Star Wars?

Boba Fett! And of course, Chewie and BB-8.

Why is sales tax charged?

JBH Card Shop is located in Washington State, which is a Nexus state. Regulations require sales tax be charged on order total, inclusive of shipping.

What should I do if I do not receive an item or my item is damaged?

Please reach out to us with any concerns regarding your item once it is received. Please provide pictures as support to your claim. Please review our shipping policy for any other questions.

Shipping and Handling

Shipping is calculated and paid at checkout. Tracking numbers are provided on most shipments via UPS or USPS. In certain circumstances, local pickup arrangements can be made ahead of time, please email us for this option. We have no control over the shipment time once an item is shipped, but we plan to ship your order out within one business day.

Do you offer returns/refunds?

Refunds may be allowed after an item is purchased as long as your order has not been fulfilled. We can work with you on items you are looking to return. New or sealed product must be in the original packaging and unopened or untampered with. Please email us prior to sending anything back.

Why are your socials lacking content?

Because we are new to that sort of thing and lack confidence in creating social content, but we will work on increasing content in those areas. Suggestions? We also plan on documenting our journey via a blog as time goes on. There is a lot that goes into making things happen.

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